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Happy Chinese New Year

Growing up in a small business family, Chinese New Year always represents a time of rest. Business and workers alike finish the business of last year, spend time with families and start the new year afresh, with imputus that the new year will bring prosperity and success.

We have done much in the short span of our business - getting our first customers, connecting with people to share our passion for cyber skills development; launched; develop our three product offerings - ImmersiveLabs, CyberUP and LiveCamp; building our social media presence and launched the first Singapore Digital Cyber Academy. Phew !!

Starting-up is challenging and building a brand is really tough. However, we believe in our mission and we believe we have the products that address the market needs. Many people we spoke to believe that the active learning approach we are taking to cyber skills development is the future. Incubators and investors that I spoke to see potential in our business case.

In the year of the Rooster, we spent time flying around, making our voice heard with agencies, industry, institutions and students. From Temasek Poly in the east, NTU in the far west, Republic Poly in north and NUS in the south, we'd covered all four corners of Singapore and even gone beyond our shores. We appreciate so much the people who are willing to open their doors to talk to us. Thank you, your support meant alot.

In the new year of the Dog, we will bark loud, work like dogs, have fun and be loyal to our mission of connecting people to cyber skills.


祝大家,新年吉祥, 万事如意。

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