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Our mantra: connect people to cyber skills.


Our vision is to create a platform where people are recognised and rewarded for their skills and not have their potential limited by the bias of gender, age, disabilities and qualifications. We are a Singapore-based community edu-tech initiative.  




My 20 year journey in technology includes: writing COBOL, full stack programming, two telco startups, stints with Fortune Global 500 MNCs, M&A consulting, architecting an enterprise web services framework; authoring a national-level API for order and service management;  designing and delivering my dream CRM and billing system, heading IT teams, heading up IT security, delivering Cyber security services, helping to build a national scale MPLS network, designing a 100G FPGA appliance, engineering a cyber threat detection and big data analytics system... the list goes on.

I was deceived by CORBA and EJB 1.1; I thought WAP and iMode was going to change the world; I had my fair share of failings and learnt from google and my experiences. I am also a proud alumnus of Nanyang Technological University.


Ho Kee-Vin

Programme Director

Kee-Vin has over 19 years of working experience, covering areas in information security, IT audit, compliance, security strategy, security consulting, operations risk management, physical security, business continuity planning, project management, crisis management, production operations & IT support. His exposure covers various countries in Southeast Asia and industries such as the government, military, FSI, healthcare, transport, telcos, oil & gas, retail & FMCG.

He has headed various local & regional security teams in both consulting & end user environments. Kee-Vin focuses on assisting organizations with their corporate & IT strategy planning to establish a robust & scalable infrastructure in order to achieve organizational strategic objectives.


Chief Hacking Officer

Nicholas has more than 6 year of security assessments experience servicing variety of clients, including major financial institutions with a strong regional presence and prominent government-related agencies.

Nicholas has a B.Eng (Computer Science) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Nicholas is a CREST CCT, OSCE and OSCP.

He is a conference speaker, has several CVEs under his belt (including Cisco), hall of fame entries (including Google) and an active bug bounty programme participant.



DevOps Engineer

Johan has been a tech leader in school projects and worked with startups on improving their capabilities using technologies to improve their services. During his internship with Autodesk, Johan is an API developer for their mission critical, integration bus. He has  also worked on full-stack development, building a website for Nanyang Technological University.


Johan has a Diploma in Information Security from Nanyang Polytechnic and Bachelors in Computer Science from Nanyang Technological University with elective focus in Cyber Security and Data Science in Analytics. In his free time, Johan participates Capture the Flag competitions to sharpen his skills.


He aims to enrich anyone about the importance of security and the value it can bring to any company.

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