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Mobile Cyber Game for everyone

What the Hack is it?

A made in Singapore social enterprise initiative to gamify 

cyber awareness.


The protagonist of the game is a robot named _Dennis, the player’s mission is to solve a series of mini challenges in order to keep _Dennis alive. The challenges progressively become more difficult as the player progresses.

Each mini challenge contains a simple message to help the player cultivate good personal cyber habits. 

What the Hack! is the trademark of The Cyber Assembly



Everyone deserves a fun and engaging cyber learning experience on their mobile. Download and play What the Hack! today. It's free.


Doing It Differently

Need fresh new ideas for your organisation's cyber awareness campaign? Wanna get everyone excited about cyber security?

Lessons from What the Hack! is our concise learning material with a Kahoot! game to bring home the lesson learn. Click on Feedback to get access.

Quick huddle in the office

Have fun with mobile game

Review key lessons from game

Quiz to fortify knowledge


What the Hack! is free for everyone to cultivate good cyber habits through games. There are more game play and feature we can introduce to make the learning experience more immersive.  We are we looking for sponsors to join us in this social enterprise. 

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