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Superskills Bootcamp

Designed to create awareness and generate interest in cybersecurity among the neurodiverse community. Participants will gain fundamental skills and knowledge in cybersecurity and test their aptitude for cyber skills through hands-on labs. We are also inviting practitioners to coach participants through online channels.

Wide Range of Cybersecurity Topics

The Bootcamp consists of 5 sessions, covering a wide range of technical topics in computers and cybersecurity.

Session 1

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Cybersecurity is a vast topic that requires the student to understand computers, networking, operating systems, software programming, cryptography and data analytics. In this session, participants will learn about key principles, concepts, laws and trends in cybersecurity.

Join the Bootcamp

Together with Trampolene, we will be running the first Bootcamp on 12-26 Sep 2020. Click on the Signup button below to join us.

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Cost of Bootcamp: $49.90 SGD.

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