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Mobile Cyber Game - Changing Cyber Learning

Humans are the weakest cybersecurity link. While organisations recognised that, yet their awareness programme focus on protecting assets rather than people. At The Cyber Assembly we believe that people should be left, right and centre of your cyber learning programme, in fact, we believe that it is about cultivating habits rather than creating awareness; changing behaviour rather than conveying knowledge; making it personal rather than making it a punishment; its not a matter of compliance but a matter of compromised digital lifestyle. We believe in putting cyber learning in the hands of every students, soldiers, healthcare workers, retail staffs, outfield workers, office workers, senior citizens - in fact everyone. Everyone deserves a fun, engaging cyber learning experience on their mobile.

We are creating a new category of product - Mobile Cyber Game, using mobile game to help people cultivate good cyber habits and learn cyber skills. We are launching our first game name - 'What the Hack!' next week. We want to change how organisation runs their Cyber Awareness Programme, in fact, we would like to stop calling it Cyber Awareness but Cyber Learning.

A new category of product, a new and innovative way to address an important challenge. We are changing the world :)

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