The Cyber Assembly

Connect people to cyber skills 

Opportunity in Cyber Skills

Skills gap is one of the biggest risks globally in cybersecurity. This risk also creates opportunities for rewarding careers and impactful innovations. We close the skills gap by providing active learning platforms that help people develop real cyber proficiency through problem-solving. 

Our online learning platform consists of micro-learning topics with cloud-based cyber range for learners to develop practical cyber skills on any device.


Specially curated content to help learners level up their cyber skills based on CyBok and NIST NICE skills framework.


Go from Zero to Hero with our micro-learning units and hands-on cyber range. Watch product video.

Video Recording


We are proud to be featured in the Ministry of Communication and Information COS 2019 video - Together we meet tomorrow.

Superskills Bootcamp

What makes us uniquely human is that we are all different. Those differences shouldn't limit our access to equal opportunities.


Superskills Bootcamp is a training programme designed to expose our neurodiverse community to cyber skills and connect with mentors in the cybersecurity community.

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