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Recalibrate and Go

April flew past with a blink of an eye. 2 weeks of travel to Vietnam and UK respectively took up the bulk of April. Both trips were extremely useful. In Vietnam it was about growing old relationships to develop traction in the Vietnamese market and also start key development activities for CyberUp. In UK it was about forging new relationships and edging closer to the vision of The Cyber Assembly. Speaking of which, we are now rebrand as The Cyber Assembly. In April we also welcome Kee-Vin who join us as Programme Director to help us develop strategic industry programme. One of our key trust is to connect closer the vibrant cybersecurity community in Singapore and we are privilege to be sponsoring the Learning Village at Infosec in the City. It is a home-grown tech centric cybersecurity conference and we are proud to be associated with it.

Learning Village

April is really about recalibration and drive forward with a very clear brand and business mission (check out our mission in 60 secs video).

May is going to be an exciting month as we hope to see the fruit of our labour turning into results; make some noise with the Learning Village; introduce something new and welcome more people into our team. Watch this space !

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