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My 20 years journey in technology includes writing COBOL, full stack programming, two telco startups, stincts with Fortune Global 500 MNCs, M&A consulting, architect an enterprise web services framework; author a national-level API for order and service management;  design and delivered my dream CRM and billing system, head IT teams, head up IT security, deliver Cyber security services, help build a national scale MPLS network, design a 100G FPGA appliance, engineered a cyber threat detection and big data analytics system. I was deceived by CORBA and EJB 1.1; I thought WAP and iMode was going to change the world; had my fair share of failings; and learn from google and experiences. I am a proud Alumni of Nanyang Technological University.

I am responsible for product development, design, partnership, community engagement and everything else. 

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