Open Learn Hack

Cyber Skills for the Community

Why Open Learn Hack?

Cyber skills open the door to an exciting and rewarding career in the digital age.  On the other hand, the lack of cyber skills can potentially impact one's access to good jobs and limits social mobility.

We want to make cyber skills accessible to everyone - doesn't matter one's level of education; one's field of training; neurotypical or atypical; and regardless of age, gender or disabilities.

Open Learn Hack Subscription

Open Learn Hack is a subscription plan with 27 courses curated to help one develop intermediate cyber skills at an affordable price. Courses are delivered via our online learning portal that incorporates a cyber range for developing practical skills. 

Keeping the Cost Down

The goal of Open Learn Hack is to provide the highest quality content at the lowest price possible. We achieve this by subsidising the cost of content and charge only the cost of hosting the cyber range and the platform. We also remove overhead cost such as administration of government subsidies, payment fees, sales & marketing and certificate issuance to focus on what really matters - developing skills.

We will continue to keep the price low as long as it is financially feasible for us to do so.

Social and Community Learning

We learn best as a community. Open Learn Hack leverage on discord for learners to support their peers in their learning journey, in the process, we can want to help transform learners into teachers. It is when one teaches, one learns the most. 

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