Online micro-learning courses for students, cyber newbies and aspiring techies to develop cyber skills, on your mobile, at your own pace. It features interactive content designed for mobile experience, tutorials and practical challenges to learn hands-on skills.

Cyber Explorer

New to cyber security?  We got you covered. 

Cyber Explorer is a series of programmes that contains micro-courses designed to help you develop both breadth and depth in your cyber skills. The content are aligned to CyBOK  framework to help you plan your skills development.

Cyber Explorer Bronze

Holistic programme to help starters to establish the foundational skills and knowledge

Cyber Explorer Silver

Equip students with practitioner skills to be a cyber security analyst.

Cyber Explorer Gold

For those who completed bronze and silver and is ready to learn more specialised skills in cyber security.

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From Zero to Hero

If you are student looking to pick up cyber skills or simply a newbie to tech, learn hack is design to take you from zero to hero. If you are a parent looking to give your kids a head start in cyber security, learn hack is perfect for kids. We know the youngest hacker starts from 12 years old.

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